Dani Caracola is an intercultural songwriter. His songs are bred with a multiple identity, at the roots of present and future dialogue of this global society where all cultures complement each other. La Banda de Ida y Vuelta was the confirmation of this intercultural adventure with “Cultures Viatgeres” (Travelling Cultures) in 2012. This CD was the celebration of diversity and its richness. Colombia, Uruguay, Cuba, Mozambique, Italy, Perú, Mexico, … each song is impregnated in music and lyrics of the essence of a culture. Cultures travel ever since the world began (because of exiles, migrations, colonisation, trade, …) and each culture is the addition of many other cultures connected by diferent reasons throughout their history.

DCaracolaBIVPhoto: Valentina Marchant

This aproach continues with his second album “Hamsa”(2019) with the new band Barsiluna Agraw Project but focused on the north of Africa, the so called Magreb by the Arabs or Tamazgha by its earliest inhabitants, the Amazigh people. We hope new rythms, songs, and routes will arise form Dani Caracola‘s creativity for a better understanding of who we are, where we come from and where do we go as individuals and as society.

DCBAPfotopromoPhoto: OScar Chocano

A new release is yet to come the summer of 2021: an album of vallenatos named “Nuestro Macondo”. This CD published by Dani Caracola & Los Guasabros is an immersion to this colombian music genre including stories and real experiences of close friends. We can find some guest artists in the song “Defender la vida”.


Listen to both Dani Caracola CDs below:

Watch “Cultures Viatgeres” live in concert (2012)  Video: Victor Macià

Watch “Hamsa” live in concert (2019) Video: Oscar Chocano

Watch “Defender la vida” from the CD “Nuestro Macondo” (2021) Dani Caracola & Los Guasabros

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